Domestic Negotiations (2012 - ongoing) is the result of a desire to maintain a sense of autonomy as an artist while navigating the demands of marriage, motherhood and professional obligations. In creating the irreversible bonds of family, I now understand that a life of domesticity is a constant negotiation. I live in a world revolving around the needs of others that are met or missed, of familial demands and expectations, and the fleeting moments that must be captured. This work conveys the emotional and intimate tenderness of a family while revealing the raw and delicate nature of the relationships we try desperately to preserve.

Prior to motherhood, photographic researching the history of objects was my topic of choice. My main artistic tools were archives and other people’s collections. In the past, I could have been found digging through dusty archives and museum storage warehouses up and down the east coast. Upon becoming a mother, it seemed I had a choice to make as there was no longer time or mobility to do the research that formerly informed my work. The choice between finding new ways of working or to stop making art until time reappeared (which I knew would not happen) loomed over me. At that point I plunged into an exploration of the push and pull of motherhood, partnership, the domestic landscape and the role as mother as artist. I began my series Domestic Negotiations in 2012 during the pregnancy of my second child and have not looked back