Lesly lives in Beacon, New York where she works as a photographer, printer, and recurrent educator.  She is faculty at International Center of Photography (ICP), owner of Fiber Ink Studio, a pigment print and drum scan lab and co-creator of Women Picturing Revolution. She consults on a variety of photographic projects from edit to print for individual artists. She holds an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), has taught at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Cortona, Italy, Columbia University, MICA, Harlem School of the Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 2014 her book Domestic Negotiations (2012 - ongoing) was published and she continues to work on this series believing this to be a lifelong pursuit as the role of mother, wife, and artist is not a fixed position. Inspired by artists working in crisis,  in November 2016 at ICP Lesly co-taught a course and co-hosted a panel entitled Women Picturing Revolution (WPR) which she co-created with independent curator and artist Zoraida Lopez-Diago. Women Picturing Revolution surveyed female photographers who document war, conflicts, crises, and revolution in private realms and public spaces. Special focus was placed on the impact that conflict has on women and girls. In March 2017 she co taught a seminar at IRAAS (Columbia University's Institute for Research in African-American Studies) entitled Women Picturing Revolution:  Focus on Africa and the African Diaspora. She recently created and taught a course entitled Navigating the Domestic: Mother As Artist at ICP and co-created the Facebook group Mother As Artist in an attempt to form a community with a focus on politically engaged art by or about women who happen to be mothers. Most recently her photographic work has appeared in Secret Behavior MagazineLandscape Stories and Featureshoot. 

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Tel: 347.731.5198

Instagram: DeschlerCanossi